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The thing is, I love monster hunter. I've played it on the PS2 since 2004 and I haven't gotten sick of it. I'd really love some awesome animations of Monster Hunter... sorta like a fun mini series. =3 I think that would make my dreams come true... Other than a real life Monster Hunter movie. >_> However I think this would be awesome if anyone is interested. o wo

Alittle about me.

2011-01-13 00:03:12 by ClaudiaKitsune

My name is Claudia, Most of you know this by now, I'm an apprentice electrician. I've been on newgrounds for awhile now... Haven't actually used it in awhile though, I've been the Admin of a few online games. I love when people draw my characters from the MMO's I partake in. They always end up really really cute. :P I love animals, I'm not a furry. But I do love them XD. I like all sorts of food and hilarious music, I also LOVE to play Video games :p Don't let my looks fool you, I can be a bitch sometimes :3 So yeah, Thank you for reading~

Alittle about me.


2010-10-14 12:35:48 by ClaudiaKitsune



2009-11-27 20:11:02 by ClaudiaKitsune

I've been playing this alot lately... dunno why, I must be that bored >.> suggestions plox

Gurren Lagann

2009-11-21 00:35:29 by ClaudiaKitsune

When I watched this anime. I was pretty surprized. personally Im not a fan of mecha anime. This one is actually pretty different. Very sad, but very good anime all in the end. The only annoying thing I hated about this anime. Was the lame name they had for moves, It was either they had bad names. Or it was a terrible translation... Either way. It still is a very good Anime. :)

:( I made him cry

2009-11-04 15:14:02 by ClaudiaKitsune

Today I made a a 21 year old guy cry over Xbox Live today... I feel terrible. I was playing Gears of War 2 again. It was me and another random player with 3 bots on our team. The other team had all human players. After we lost the game. The timer was counting down to end the session and he yells "You all fucking suck" So I send him a text message saying "You know your fucking trash, You can only talk shit so you leave right after you say what you want too. No wonder your mother threw you in a dumpster while you were a fetis" So after that, I get a voice message from him. he's sniveling! telling me that I was a bitch and that I should suck a cock. but he was crying! as he was speaking. I went to file a complaint onto him and I looked at his bio. he lived in New York and he is 21... What a sad person :(

Gears of War 2 RAPE!

2009-11-04 02:30:55 by ClaudiaKitsune

So I was on gears of war a few days ago... It was a gaurdian match on River, It was late at night of course FTW! IT was a team of Mexicans... Hitting on me because they thought I was a girl...Heh... ANYWAY! Enough of that... I rushed to the mortar and looked at their Sniper house, I BLIND FIRE the mortar into the house, and I kill the leader and 3 of the other team's guys. Funny thing is... I killed the leader first. So the other guys didn't spawn. There was another guy who had gotten blown up with a boomshot... Near the same time. I don't know when... But I ended that game in 0:46 seconds. I couldn't hear ANYTHING they were yelling at me or what they were saying... They were so mad they swore at me in their own language... After that I got messages from them. Apperently after they thought I was a cheater, Hacker and whatnot.... They decide to hit on me. I mean seriously... Why talk shit and THEN hit on someone.... srsly.... Im not even a chick... Claudia is just a name I use over the internet because well...for one. I HATE my name.. two... Im BAD with male names. So I decided to do this~ Put Claudia from Romancing SaGA as my first gamename. Then Rikku from Final Fantasy X / X-2. Yeah...seems awkward I know. But I don't act like a girl, Which is good. And you wanna know somthing pathetic about those mexicans? Even though I was talking outloud! [my normal voice, and no im not a sqeaker] they STILL thought I was a girl... It is pretty rediculous how dumb people can be sometimes. Well thats all Im going to type for now. Thanks for reading guys. :)


2009-11-04 01:06:42 by ClaudiaKitsune

Hello everyone. I joined newgounds as of yesterday. Well... Made a new account anyway. I've been watching Rina-chan's and Kirbopher's Videos. Really kills depression when you laugh so hard! Anyway... I hope I can learn to make good flash videos. =) If not that find somthing else Im good at. Out of all that just bored as usual. Thank you for reading! :)