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Gears of War 2 RAPE!

2009-11-04 02:30:55 by ClaudiaKitsune

So I was on gears of war a few days ago... It was a gaurdian match on River, It was late at night of course FTW! IT was a team of Mexicans... Hitting on me because they thought I was a girl...Heh... ANYWAY! Enough of that... I rushed to the mortar and looked at their Sniper house, I BLIND FIRE the mortar into the house, and I kill the leader and 3 of the other team's guys. Funny thing is... I killed the leader first. So the other guys didn't spawn. There was another guy who had gotten blown up with a boomshot... Near the same time. I don't know when... But I ended that game in 0:46 seconds. I couldn't hear ANYTHING they were yelling at me or what they were saying... They were so mad they swore at me in their own language... After that I got messages from them. Apperently after they thought I was a cheater, Hacker and whatnot.... They decide to hit on me. I mean seriously... Why talk shit and THEN hit on someone.... srsly.... Im not even a chick... Claudia is just a name I use over the internet because well...for one. I HATE my name.. two... Im BAD with male names. So I decided to do this~ Put Claudia from Romancing SaGA as my first gamename. Then Rikku from Final Fantasy X / X-2. Yeah...seems awkward I know. But I don't act like a girl, Which is good. And you wanna know somthing pathetic about those mexicans? Even though I was talking outloud! [my normal voice, and no im not a sqeaker] they STILL thought I was a girl... It is pretty rediculous how dumb people can be sometimes. Well thats all Im going to type for now. Thanks for reading guys. :)


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