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:( I made him cry

2009-11-04 15:14:02 by ClaudiaKitsune

Today I made a a 21 year old guy cry over Xbox Live today... I feel terrible. I was playing Gears of War 2 again. It was me and another random player with 3 bots on our team. The other team had all human players. After we lost the game. The timer was counting down to end the session and he yells "You all fucking suck" So I send him a text message saying "You know your fucking trash, You can only talk shit so you leave right after you say what you want too. No wonder your mother threw you in a dumpster while you were a fetis" So after that, I get a voice message from him. he's sniveling! telling me that I was a bitch and that I should suck a cock. but he was crying! as he was speaking. I went to file a complaint onto him and I looked at his bio. he lived in New York and he is 21... What a sad person :(


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2009-11-04 15:17:09

in truth he's probably a 13 year old kid who lives in Tulsa

ClaudiaKitsune responds:

He didnt sound 13... he had a very deep voice. Think of mixing rosie o'donalds voice and barry whites XD


2009-11-04 15:17:13

Hello everyone i'm Claudia, i love animals

ClaudiaKitsune responds:

>.> Furrie you douche


2009-11-04 16:01:47

I'm the Nerd, I'm awesome, and I will always be better than you. You can't deny my awesome. I could beat you at everything if I tried. I can even beat you at everything with out trying. I'm awesome. And because I'm awesome, I can do anything. Bow before me, pawn. I am you lord, master, king, ruler, and god. You shall listen to none but me, I control you, I'm the best. You are a minion, and nothing better.

ClaudiaKitsune responds:



2009-11-05 11:50:47

Maybe he WAS abandoned as a child and you brought back some painful memories and insecurity

ClaudiaKitsune responds:

Well thats no reason to get upset about it. I mean I was alone as a little kid. I don't let what other people say get to me like that though.