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Gurren Lagann

2009-11-21 00:35:29 by ClaudiaKitsune

When I watched this anime. I was pretty surprized. personally Im not a fan of mecha anime. This one is actually pretty different. Very sad, but very good anime all in the end. The only annoying thing I hated about this anime. Was the lame name they had for moves, It was either they had bad names. Or it was a terrible translation... Either way. It still is a very good Anime. :)


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2009-11-21 00:42:15

everybody says it's good, perhaps i should watch it.

other animes to watch

Code Geass




ClaudiaKitsune responds:

Watched em all already :p


2009-11-21 01:11:40

yeah, most animes that are translated usually hired bad voice actors or just get the cheap ones that are usually "popular" in many other's...

Sometimes I just hate how that happens when they change the character's audio characteristics just for the dialogue to fit... sometimes they do get the right voice, other times they don't.

sometimes they get the right voice for the character, but the actor's a novice; so the quality will still suck in terms of acting.

Other than that, I'd just stick to just the story itself than the other stuff if you really want to enjoy anime, either that or just find titles such as "Cowboy Bebop" or some other anime that's made like any other film...

ClaudiaKitsune responds:

Yeah I completely Agree with you on that.