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Entry #8

Monster Hunter Animation Series.

2011-05-29 09:11:00 by ClaudiaKitsune

The thing is, I love monster hunter. I've played it on the PS2 since 2004 and I haven't gotten sick of it. I'd really love some awesome animations of Monster Hunter... sorta like a fun mini series. =3 I think that would make my dreams come true... Other than a real life Monster Hunter movie. >_> However I think this would be awesome if anyone is interested. o wo


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2011-05-29 11:19:10

I would help, but I don't know how to animate. *Has flash but can't animate for crap*

ClaudiaKitsune responds:

Thats alright! It will take me alittle while to make a plot, characters and so on. So it will be awhile, plus my job as well. :3


2011-06-19 14:20:28

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